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In Japan car theft does really not exist (how lucky for them) but that means most Japanese imports have no, or very little security at all.....which makes them very easy to break into or steal if you are that way inclined !

I have been fitting alarms and all sorts of other car electrical stuff for over 23years now...............its certainly changed a bit over those years !

Anyhow I can supply and fit from stock a variety of alarms etc.

Most of the systems I now stock are from meta system whom are also serpi start ,bit confusing but the same company who sell under 2 different brand names ..

Basically a well known brand and have excellent reliability (so that means I can fit them and forget them.......unlike some, that when they go wrong they cause you, and therefore me aggro..... )

You can visit their website for details but I will list a few of the most popular installations below.

Most people want remote central locking, because once you have had it you really don't want to do without it ! .... I am working on a cost effective system that also has the remote built into the car key ( like some Jap cars do), so you get spare keys as well as remote locking and less clutter in your pocket !

Anyhow at present -

All prices include VAT

Discounts available for people buying cars through me (please ask).

Mobile installation at your home / work is possible.

£ 110 supplied /fitted is THATCTHAM CAT 2 immobiliser ....(Thatcham cat2 is an insurance approved standard ) ...will immobilise car 20-30 seconds after engine turned off and cannot be started unless coded key tag touched into socket ! Comes with flashing red internal light and two touch tag keys ....the insurance companies like these because you have to remember to switch it off as will always turn itself on to protect your car ! ...Model - Meta M36T2

£135 supplied / fitted is a remote central locking unit that with immobiliser (stops car form being started) that can be wired as an alarm (extra). Comes with two remote controls and has internal flashing red warning light and will flash hazard lights when locking / unlocking car remotely. Model - Meta HPA 3.0.

£195 supplied / fitted is a remote central locking immobilising alarm system with internal movement sensors (can be turned off when windows etc left open), 2 remotes flashing red warning light and will flash hazards lights when locking/unlocking and upon alarms with internal siren (which has built in power supply so will sound even if car battery disconnected !).....Model - Serpi Star ND6.

£ 295 supplied/fitted is a THACHAM CAT 1 remote alarm immobiliser (highest insurance approved standard ) which incorporates a cat2 immobiliser. The alarm has two remote controls that will lock unlock the doors, hazards lights flash on lock/unlock and during alarm, internal movement sensors (can be turned off for when windows left open,etc ), battery back up siren (sounds even if battery disconnected !) and a whole host of features.. Model - Serpi Star GR99 T.

What is Thatcham ? - In short its the nickname for Motor Industry Research Centre based in Thatcham nr Newbury ...or MIRC Thatcham.....this is where the men in white coats carry out research for the insurance companies ....EG working out how long it takes to fit say a wing to a Ford Mondeo and advising the insurance companies of they know how long it will take to repair a car ... and therefore how much it would cost to do so. So the insurance companies can work out how much to charge for insurance etc.

However we were the first country in the world to set a insurance standard for car alarms and anti-theft devices......yes by Thatcham who dictated what an alarm or immobiliser etc has to do to meet with insurance company approval and categories for the different types....hence the term THACTHAM APPROVED or insurance cat ??? approved !