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Delivery is a service I can provide for customers who want to buy cars but cannot for reasons of childcare or time available travel to look at a car.

vehicle transport

This is done in such a way as to allow the customer to not buy the car for whatever reason without paying a fortune ..... you are never committed to buying the car until you are happy with it !

How this would work is after a fixed price for delivery is agreed the car would be transported by me either on a car transporter or car trailer (no point in pulling up outside someone's house and having a car drive into your possible new car whilst i am ringing your door bell !)

Once the car is there it will be unloaded for you to look at and test drive .... if you like it then fine you can go ahead and buy it, all paperwork done, and car left with you....if for any reason you do not like it (and no-one has ever yet but there is always a first) I would just load it up again and take it home .... no hassle to you and no hard feelings.

This works for a wide range of people but both sides have to have a good degree of trust in each other, it could cost you a bit of money and me a wasted day or so traveling (plus fuel costs at 24mpg !) so best to have a good chat first to make sure you will be happy with the car and describe it fully and send a load of photos etc, I am not interested in wasting my time or yours with a false/fantasy description!

Normal delivery/transport companies charge around £1 plus, plus vat per mile (and that's each way) a 100 mile journey is a 200 mile round trip therefore would cost £235 if not more !

However I would be far more reasonable as I have a vested interest in making the whole thing worth your while to do so ! Normally we would agree a reasonable price after you are happy with the sound of the car.......... then if you buy the car split that cost in two ie if agreed delivery price was £200 then if you buy the car it would cost you only £100.......if you do not buy the car then sadly you would lose your delivery cost but I would obviously lose my time and costs !

Some people like the idea and have been very happy with it, some do not like the idea but give me a call if this appeals to you ........

And remember the man that describes the car etc is the man that delivers it ...there is only me and no one else no chance of any confusion "no don't now about that " at all.

Collection is also available for people cars eg if being imported so can collect them frrm the docks for conversion etc if required also!